Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Each man kills the thing he loves

I know, this is cheating.  I know, this is one line from one song.

The song:  Yukihiro Takahashi The Core of Eden, which is also on YMO records.  But I just love this track.  I love this track, I love Takahashi, and though I already did Yellow Magic Orchestra once, I just can't seem to stop listening to this track.  And oddly enough it's mostly because of that one line...

"Each man kills the thing he loves"

Takahashi's voice dips in pain at the end.  His voice carries a strength that emphasizes just how easily it can be defeated.  Its a wavering, undetermined, very weak and vulnerable voice.  It shows us all the reality of love.  Love is not a strong worldly power.  Love is a delicate, fragile, easily misplaced and overlooked thing.

Love can't change the world, love can't save a life.  Love is a porcelain vase standing on a towering pile of toothpicks standing end on end, the slightest breeze or sneeze sending them all catapulting toward the end of existence.

Each man kills the thing he loves.

Taken from Oscar Wilde's quote in A Ballad of Reading Gaol.

Oh, and I didn't even touch on the chorus, "This is the end of the Earth"


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