Wednesday, June 11, 2014


So Aube continues to rake in the views, oddly enough.  My first (and second) post continues to be the most popular.  So I thought I'd follow it up with more odd Japanese noise (Japanoise).

How about.......Yximaloo?

To accurately describe Yximallo, I feel like one would have to be on drugs.  There is simply no rational words to describe this acid trip of a musical experience.

To call it music is a stretch.  Like most of the music on here, that can be said, however this is hard to call music even within that context.  It's sort of more like finding some ancient radio at a thrift store, turning it on, and having the last dying breath from it's speakers come out, mixing with rotting wires, faulty electronics, and general disease.  The sound is essentially inorganic, mechanical, and robotic.

Then alternate of his tracks are firmly rooted to actual music.  Although backed by his odd voice, some of them could almost be mistaken for an odd take on a folk song.  This is what truly marks it as weird.  Were it just odd noise music, well, there's plenty of that bullshit.  But to have an element of folk and childishness to it, that is genuinely a WTF moment.
I speak of this track:

Almost like the closest thing Japan might have to Tom Waits?  In that really weird, every song sounds like a really bad acid trip/hangover sort of way.

I have about a dozen track by this dude, he's impossible to find much information on, and surprising her has actually played live not far from where I live.  But I didn't see him, this was years ago.