Thursday, May 30, 2013

No music here

Yeah, I'm not writing about music today.  Rather, CD's.  You know, the shiny, round things you probably have bought music on at one point.  I am a CD fan.  It's actually a controversial thing to like, because as vinyl becomes more and more back into the mainstream and MP3s/digital formats become more and more prevalent, CD's are being forgotten.
Everyone I know has said the same thing about CD's:
1) they skip
2) vinyl is better because of how it sounds
3) vinyl is better because often it contains download codes and you can have the hard as well as digital music
4) blah blah hipster bullshit.

Lemme just say this:  fuck vinyl.  No, I'm not saying that vinyl is a inferior format and I'm not saying those things aren't true, but what I am saying is that CD's will always have that awesome 90's feel to them and vinyl just won't.  All's I'm saying is that I love my CD's and I love to buy them.

I just bought a CD at the store, and I'm extremely proud of it.  I won't ever buy cassette though,. because seriously, who the fuck has a cassette player any more???

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