Friday, April 12, 2013

Aube (Page 2)

to further my rant about aube, i must first draw some outlines for exactly what his type of music is considered.  to quote wikipedia, ambient music is "music that is designed to be part of the environment."   now to me that could mean a lot of different things:  wouldn't it depend on the environment?  would different hostile environments perhaps get hostile music?  it is however still correct in its definition.  this music does fit an environment.  a crazy, slightly off environment.  one where you wake up unsure about your location, and may even feel like you're in danger.  as the mystery grows and panic sets in, your eyes are losing focus and you're falling and tripping a lot, and nothing is making sense.  something comes out of nowhere and your heart leaps into your throat, you realize it was nothing and you're calm.  this is the type of environment i think of when i hear this music.  something very ominous, alien, and possibly dangerous.

the ability of music to surprise you, to put you at ease, or to make you intrigued is something i really look for.  it's just so far removed from the typical radio music and the chorus that everyone seems to have stuck in their heads.  aube's making a statement about music itself, what music can be, and what it can be capable of.

there is no envelope to push, their is no definition to destroy when it comes to music.  there is nothing that is wrong or right, and simply put music is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.  so with that meaningless afterthought, i conclude my thoughts on aube.

not too sure if this guy is dead or what, his website hasn't been updated since 2005, but it's amazing and gives much more information than mine:

hope you like it

Update 10/29/14:  I have just found out this musician has passed away!  He was only 54, and passed away September 25th 2013.  Man, that sucks.  Rest in peace, Nakajima Akifumi

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